Directionally challenged…

I got a little lost today and kept going.

I couldn’t find my way without help. I pulled over on the side of the road at least 3 times and consulted the GPS.

At one stage it told me to take a right down Stupid Street. I may have misheard it but it felt personal.

I wondered as I drove lost down leafy streets occasionally sighting the bay (before I roamed into an industrial area) if Forest Gump would have run for as long as he did if he’d known about little Forest.

Is it easier to get lost for longer without responsibilities or is it the responsibilities that make me feel lost?

(Did I just ask the same question 2 ways? Hmmm.)

If I was single and childless where would I be?

If I was free to choose what would I do?

I have this image of myself teaching children in a disadvantaged country and knowing that I am making a difference.

I have this thought that I could be more and do more.

I have married a man who loves me and am raising 2 unique and entertaining boys.

I have made plenty of good choices.

I am probably not as lost as I think I am but my sense of direction still needs work.

Maybe I just need to stop following the little blue dot on the map and settle with the red dot.

I might not be lost after all. I might just be growing up.