Things better left unsaid…

It goes without saying…

Or well it used to.

Now everything is said, ALL THE TIME.

So it is with much pleasure that I am pleased to announce that I have resisted the urge to blog about how I bought a pair of shoes and then took them back and bought new ones.

I have refrained from writing a movie review for the French film that I saw. I was going to write one about Happiness never comes alone but just because I wanted you all to know that I watch French films and therefore am actually totes intellectual. (Mission accomplished?)

And lastly I have rejected the need to write about my new cat. Because she is actually just a cat. And I have come to the understanding that while she is very cute and walks funny sometimes this is actually only of interest to me and my family.

So there.

There is a list of things that have gone without saying…

Sort of.