Grey sky simplicity…

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon and I’m in bed with a hot cuppa and my book.

I’m watching and listening to the rain pour down outside. I love how it comes in bursts.

It tapers off for a minute or so then comes pouring down again.

There are raindrops hanging from the gutters, shimmering on the overhead wires running to the house and sitting on top of the leaves.

It’s all so shiny.

I’m tempted to go the car and take my new spotted umbrella for a spin.

Dance in the rain.

Get wet.

Then have a hot shower to warm up and another cuppa before getting back into bed.

There are so many choices.

The washing on the line is now wetter than when I hung it out.

That’s not important.

I’m important. Enjoying the little moments are important.

Smiling like an idiot when no one is watching just because I’m happy.

Snuggling further under the covers.

Marzipan chocolate in the top drawer.

A grey sky with sunshine.